ViolinDiva Bookings

 For Every Client  
Charisa the ViolinDiva and her AMG Ensembles love to perform at your events, from baby showers to ballrooms. We can customize any ensemble for you, from a sweet solo violin to a full on funk n soul band. Please reach out to us immediatey for a Consultation, and we will then send out a quote and contract to you. Take note that quotes are given based on several factors (size of ensemble, time of day, location/travel time), that vary from client to client... for this reason we do not provide blanket statements, but work with each individual client to best determine what your individual needs are. References for past work (and from happy clients!) are available. We are looking forward to being the life of your party soon!

We are always happy to answer the questions our clients have about the Booking Process, so please don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to hear from you!